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Do you think you could ever do a tutorial on how to do one of the Kyudolls? >< I've tried making them but failed and I'm just in love with yours ;-;

Bb i’m like, really sorry ;~; I can try but not now
I’m flying to Paris in less than 24h and I’m packing right now and preparing stuff, then after Europe trip I only have 3 days to rest before flying to Seoul. Then after Seoul it will be Singapore trip (it’s crazy I know)
So the earliest I can rest and think again is probably early June o.o
I’m so sorry
But you can start google for “graphig” and you will find lots lots of tutorial and template. I actually use one from pixiv and modifying it a bit to fit the King Kyu theme :)

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Hello 'w' I am the anon who asked you about the Kyudoll. Thank you so much for answering. (*w*) I just wanted you to know that I have spent the past 2h crafting a Kyudoll though the results are not as great as yours are. >////< Have a great day!!!

Awh <3 Would you like to share with us, love?
Give me the link and I will reblog your post :D Or your want me to post it for you? Or anything really if you want :D

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Oh what's your name? ^^

It’s Melissa :)

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Valentine pizza

I cut these little hearts out of the pepperoni with a small cookie cutter. :-)

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Hello <3 <3 May I Know where did you take that Kyudoll from??? it's so cute!!!! (>o<)

Hellow! Thanks! I made it myself hehe
It’s mostly handcrafted tho, it’s really just plain a paper with red boxes I made on Photoshop and faces printed on it. I had cut it and put everything together with glue and add textures with golden marker I stole from my bro’s desk x3 
Glad you like it :)

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I’m leaving for Paris in 3 days.. yay! :D
then London…
then Seoul, meeting up with baes
then a short weekend trip Singapore with a different set of friends….
interesting… lol